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Start or Grow with a Loan

The Town of Bedford wants your business! To help you start or grow in the Town, we offer a 5-year loan at 2% interest. If you can use $5,000 or more to keep your job or add a new job, contact us today to schedule a consultation.



  • Is your business located in Town of Bedford?

  • Do you have 20 or fewer employees?

  • Are you interested in creating or saving at least one job?

If you answered yes to all 3 of these questions then you are eligible for a “5 For 5” small business loan.
Please note that all businesses are eligible TO APPLY, but funds are limited and will be awarded based on qualifications.


  1. Completed and signed application
    – Loan Request Worksheet
    – Personal Financial Statements
    – Credit Authorization Form
    – Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement (AP & AR for current 90 day period)
    – Copy of Most Recent Tax Return
    – Disclosure Statement(s)
    – Business Lease/Deed

  2. Current three-year business plan and management info (assistance available)

  3. Personal Credit Report (as appropriate)

  4. Three business references

  5. Copy of collateral offered & current market value (title, deed, security paper, etc)

  6. Statement indicating what the loan will be used for.

See attached document, “5 For 5 Small Business Loan Pool Program Design" for additional information on the loan application process.

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