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A neighborhood for everyone


There is a perfect home for everyone in the Town of Bedford. With a median home price of $144,800, living in Bedford is affordable and well worth the investment.

According to census data, 46.4% of properties are owner-occupied, leaving a robust portfolio of rental properties available. 

Housing stock in the Town of Bedford is characterized by our walkable communities, our clean and lively public spaces, and the convenience of proximity to everything you may need.

Charming, historic homes line the main roads into town, and unique and affordable apartment buildings are some of the most coveted properties in the area.


Featured Project

Cardinal Rule Apartments


When the new Liberty Middle School was completed in 2018, the 1928 building that housed several generations of Bedford students became vacant.


Developer Dave McCormack accepted the challenge of redeveloping the massive building and its counterpart, the neighboring building affectionately known as "Old Yellow." The plans were simple enough: the stately red brick building would have a new life in the form of 60+ units as a deluxe apartment complex.


Shortly before work was scheduled to begin, however, the building caught fire in early 2020. The blaze quickly spread and consumed most of the interior of the building. Despite widespread damage and the loss of the original copper bell tower, the exterior of the structure remained mostly unharmed.


Not to be deterred, the developer adjusted the timeline on the project, cleared out the damage and debris in a matter of months, and set out to restore the property. The apartments, now totaling around 70 units, will be set to open to the public in 2023. 

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