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The world's Best Little town meets
the Country's
best state for business.

Business Climate

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Town residents have the benefit of being served by two governments, the Town and the County. This unique partnership allows the two governments to optimize services to residents through a revenue sharing agreement that was approved as part of a 2013 reversion. The Town and County both have active and collaborative Economic Development Authorities that share a pro-business attitude and a willingness to go the extra mile for business attraction, retention, and expansion. 

The Town of Bedford boasts among the lowest tax rates in the commonwealth in order to boost investment in business. 

Bedford real estate tax is $0.81 cents per $100 of assessed value, and business furniture and fixtures is just $1.70 per $100 value.

For manufacturers, the machinery and tools tax is $1.20 per $100 value.





It pays to live in the Commonwealth of Virginia! Recently named the Number One State for Business, there are many reasons why our location in Virginia is a distinct advantage.

Virginia ranks consistently high in education and workforce development, aided by a highly regarded public school system and world class universities. 

Virginia is also a Right-to-Work state with low union activity. 

Through the Blue Ridge Water Authority, residents and businesses have access to reliable and redundant water supply. 

Bedford Electric supplies electricity with minimal outages and ample backup supply, with renewable sourcing and competitive rates.


A host of providers allow you to connect to the internet with remarkable speeds on the nation's busiest internet corridor. 


Find out more about utilities here. 



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